Mayor Ravi Bhalla

Mayor Ravi Bhalla

Ravi Bhalla was elected Mayor of Hoboken in November, 2017 out of a field of six candidates. Mayor Bhalla’s campaign championed issues he fought for as a two term Councilmember, including balanced development, open space initiatives, flood remediation, sensible spending, and other important topics facing the Hoboken community. Mayor Bhalla took office on January 1, 2018.

A true believer in the American dream, Mayor Bhalla is the first Sikh to hold elected office in New Jersey in his position as a current Councilmember, and is the first directly elected Sikh to become Mayor in the United States.

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The Issues


One of my top priorities as Mayor will be to upgrade our infrastructure, fix our water mains, roads, sewers and piers and provide regular maintenance. I will ensure that we are better prepared for the intense storms that are predicted…

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I know firsthand the importance of holding the line on taxes and making fiscally responsible decisions. Before I became a Councilman, residents were all socked with an 80% municipal tax increase as a result of the reckless and irresponsible financial…

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We have the unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents by committing to make Hoboken more sustainable. We need to continue forward-thinking policies and legislation that will make our City greener, benefiting residents for both the short…

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Latest News

Thank you, Senator Booker. I am truly honored to have you here with us today, and am proud to call you not just my senator, but a colleague, and a friend. Thank you to my good friend Gerry Krovatin for…

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This afternoon, as my first act in office as Mayor, I signed an Executive Order designating Hoboken a Fair and Welcoming City, with the full support of Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante, leaders of the faith community in Hoboken, numerous elected…

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I’m pleased to share the news that over 130 people have volunteered to join my official Transition Team. Being able to draw on the experiences and recommendations of so many Hoboken residents will help us hit the ground running on…

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Meet Our Team

Ravi's at-large Council candidates are Councilman Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour

Together, Jim, Emily and John combine proven experience with new ideas and energy.

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  • A snow day for the kids, but a work day for me! Fun having the kids in the office with me today.
  • I have called upon the Hoboken City Council to hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, 2/28 to consider authorizing acquisition of the Union Dry Dock property for the purpose of completing #Hoboken's Waterfront Walkway. Our vision for a continuous, public waterfront is now within reach! We are well positioned to secure this land without any tax increase through our dedicated Open Space Trust Fund and grant opportunities through Hudson County's Open Space Trust Fund, among other funding mechanisms. Simply put, we may never again have this tremendous opportunity to complete our waterfront with a public park if we do not act now. 
If residents are in favor of completing this waterfront park, it is critical to make your voices heard by emailing your Council Members as well as showing up at Wednesday's Council meeting. Your voice matters! Thank you to all of the waterfront park activists, including those residents in Maxwell Place and Fund for a Better Waterfront, for your advocacy for this critical project.
  • $1 million awarded for Transportation projects!! I'm thrilled to announce today that #Hoboken will receive $1 million from the State Department of Transportation for important transportation related projects! This is a significant increase from previous years, and the $1 million will be invested directly in our City through important pedestrian safety initiatives, road repair, and other projects. Governor Phil Murphy and I spoke several times after our elections about the importance of investing in our transportation infrastructure in Hoboken, and I thank him and his staff for recognizing this need and allocating $1 million for our City.
  • ‪Wonderful to meet Joe Biden at the Democratic Issues Conference - who when introduced to me, said of being Mayor "Now that's a real job!" Appreciate kind words from Rep. Albio Sires & meeting House Democratic rock stars Rep. Joe Crowley and Rep. Keith Ellison and sharing knowledge of Hoboken election lessons to help Dems win in the midterms‬.
  • It's official - we saved the Union Dry Dock property from being taken over by Chris Christie and NJ Transit! This is a HUGE victory for Hoboken and our mission to preserve our waterfront.

Today's final decision would not have been possible without the grassroots support from so many residents, civic groups and elected officials. We collectively stood up to the disgraceful actions of Chris Christie and NJ Transit, which purposefully rescheduled a last minute "emergency" vote to take over our waterfront land on the LAST DAY of the Christie administration, which happened to be of all days, Martin Luther King Jr. Day! But, because we raised our voices and made it clear that a forced decision without any type of engagement with our community was unacceptable, the NJ Transit Board backed down today.
  • Hoboken, I am proud, humbled and honored to be your Mayor. Thank you to Senator @corybooker for swearing me in today. I look forward to getting to work on behalf of our residents!
  • As part of my commitment to promoting the arts in #Hoboken, I am honored to play a small role with Liz Cohen Ndoye in transforming our former Campaign HQ to a pop up art gallery, to beautify empty storefronts on Washington Street. The hob'art: a co-operative gallery art exhibition is on display at 404 Washington Street through 12/31 - ribbon cutting Saturday @ 2 pm! #arts
  • Honored to join Hoboken’s Finest at their annual Police Benevolent Association Holiday Party. The work that all of our law enforcement officers do around the clock is invaluable to keeping our Mile Square City safe. I look forward to continued partnership in the coming year.
  • Save the date - our official inauguration ceremony will take place Monday, January 1 at 2 pm at Hoboken High School. I’ll be sworn in as Mayor as will Jim Doyle, Vanessa Falco and Emily Ball Jabbour to the City Council. All members of the public are welcome to attend. More details to be announced soon.
  • Nice to join our seniors at our annual Thanksgiving dinner at the multi-service Center. I had a really good time and good conversations. As Mayor, I would like to increase and improve programs for our city’s seniors. I’m thankful to live in a wonderful City that values the contributions of all of our residents, including seniors. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who put the event together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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