Mayor Ravi Bhalla

Mayor Ravi Bhalla

Ravi Bhalla was elected Mayor of Hoboken in November, 2017 out of a field of six candidates. Mayor Bhalla’s campaign championed issues he fought for as a two term Councilmember, including balanced development, open space initiatives, flood remediation, sensible spending, and other important topics facing the Hoboken community. Mayor Bhalla took office on January 1, 2018.

A true believer in the American dream, Mayor Bhalla is the first Sikh to hold elected office in New Jersey in his position as a current Councilmember, and is the first directly elected Sikh to become Mayor in the United States.

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The Issues


One of my top priorities as Mayor will be to upgrade our infrastructure, fix our water mains, roads, sewers and piers and provide regular maintenance. I will ensure that we are better prepared for the intense storms that are predicted…

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I know firsthand the importance of holding the line on taxes and making fiscally responsible decisions. Before I became a Councilman, residents were all socked with an 80% municipal tax increase as a result of the reckless and irresponsible financial…

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We have the unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents by committing to make Hoboken more sustainable. We need to continue forward-thinking policies and legislation that will make our City greener, benefiting residents for both the short…

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Latest News

With the winter months behind us, I’m excited to share with you our summer schedule of free, outdoor activities! This year, we’re bringing back classics including Movies Under the Stars, Concerts and Theater in the Park, family fun activities, and…

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Last week was a historic week in the City of Hoboken! We introduced important policies affirming the rights and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community, began the first steps to replace our multi-service center, and progressed on our Washington Street project. …

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Now, more than ever, it is important for cities to lead the way in promoting environmentally friendly policies that improve the quality of life for residents and also make our planet more sustainable. In celebration of Earth Week in Hoboken,…

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Meet Our Team

Ravi's at-large Council candidates are Councilman Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour

Together, Jim, Emily and John combine proven experience with new ideas and energy.

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  • ‪Great to spend a few hours with residents during Open Office Hours to discuss their concerns and suggestions for the city. Planning on hosting open office hours once a month moving forward. Make sure to swing by next time!! #Hoboken ‬
  • Proud to kick off the 4th Annual #TakeBacktheNight event last night in #Hoboken. Really great to see the students and organizers of @followstevens who are making their voices heard across our City.
  • This morning I signed an Executive Order and introduced a civil rights measure making the city of Hoboken the 1st municipality in State of NJ to require that all single occupancy bathrooms be #genderneutral. This is a great step forward for the LGBTQ+ community and our great city.
  • Transforming the last piece of our waterfront at Union Dry Dock into a public park and walkway is a major priority of my administration. Our waterfront is the true gem of Hoboken, and we now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform this last piece of land into public, open space - just like the rest of our waterfront.

Unfortunately, we face a real threat with NJ Transit and NY Waterways teaming up to potentially take over this land for a refueling and heavy industrial ferry maintenance site, without adding any additional ferry service to Hoboken. And, I'm very concerned about the environmental impact of a maintenance and refueling site on our waterfront. 
That's why it's critical that you make your voices heard. Please join me for a community rally at 6:00 pm on Friday, April 20 at Maxwell Park that I'm hosting with local advocates and residents as we urge the State and NJ Transit to sideline this misguided effort.

At the end of the day, I'll never back down from standing up for our community, and preserving our waterfront for public use - not a heavy industrial refueling station without any tangible benefits for Hoboken - is something I will continue fighting for.


  • Earlier this month, I had the honor of joining Councilwoman Emily Jabbour and the Hoboken Special Needs Parent Group (HSNPG) to celebrate Autism Awareness Day in Hoboken. It was wonderful to support and bring awareness to the needs of those in our community with autism. Special thanks also to Alexander Dallara, an eight year old Hoboken resident with autism who joined us, as well as award winning speaker Kerry Magro and Captain Rich England of the Hoboken Fire Department, who is coordinating Autism Sheild Training for Hoboken first responders. Thank you also to Sheillah Dallara and Megan Yavoich from HSNPG and the tremendous work they do for our children. To highlight autism awareness, we will continue to light up City Hall with blue lights for the rest of April.
  • Last week, my administration introduced our first budget to the City Council that does not include any increase in the municipal tax rate. I'm committed to making fiscally sound decisions on behalf of our taxpayers, and this budget's stable tax rate fulfills a promise I made to residents last year on the campaign trail.

This is the latest string of good news for Hoboken's finances, including the announcement earlier this year that Standard and Poor's confirmed Hoboken's excellent AA+ credit rating, the second highest rating for a municipality. Thanks to our strong financial footing, we are able to make more new investments in quality of life projects including the acquisition of additional open space, $5 million in water main improvements, $2.2 million in road resurfacing projects, a new office of constituent services (coming soon), allocation of funding for a new Special Improvement District to support small businesses and provide cleaner streets, and much more.

And, while Hoboken will not see an increase in the municipal tax rate, we will continue to maintain a responsible budget surplus. This surplus will help protect Hoboken's finances in case of an emergency, so taxpayers are not faced with hardship due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • A snow day for the kids, but a work day for me! Fun having the kids in the office with me today.
  • I have called upon the Hoboken City Council to hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, 2/28 to consider authorizing acquisition of the Union Dry Dock property for the purpose of completing #Hoboken's Waterfront Walkway. Our vision for a continuous, public waterfront is now within reach! We are well positioned to secure this land without any tax increase through our dedicated Open Space Trust Fund and grant opportunities through Hudson County's Open Space Trust Fund, among other funding mechanisms. Simply put, we may never again have this tremendous opportunity to complete our waterfront with a public park if we do not act now. 
If residents are in favor of completing this waterfront park, it is critical to make your voices heard by emailing your Council Members as well as showing up at Wednesday's Council meeting. Your voice matters! Thank you to all of the waterfront park activists, including those residents in Maxwell Place and Fund for a Better Waterfront, for your advocacy for this critical project.
  • $1 million awarded for Transportation projects!! I'm thrilled to announce today that #Hoboken will receive $1 million from the State Department of Transportation for important transportation related projects! This is a significant increase from previous years, and the $1 million will be invested directly in our City through important pedestrian safety initiatives, road repair, and other projects. Governor Phil Murphy and I spoke several times after our elections about the importance of investing in our transportation infrastructure in Hoboken, and I thank him and his staff for recognizing this need and allocating $1 million for our City.
  • ‪Wonderful to meet Joe Biden at the Democratic Issues Conference - who when introduced to me, said of being Mayor "Now that's a real job!" Appreciate kind words from Rep. Albio Sires & meeting House Democratic rock stars Rep. Joe Crowley and Rep. Keith Ellison and sharing knowledge of Hoboken election lessons to help Dems win in the midterms‬.

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