Councilman Bhalla

Councilman Bhalla

An advocate for balanced development, open space initiatives, and sensible spending, Councilman Bhalla was elected to the City Council in 2009. Alongside his council colleagues and Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Councilman Bhalla has worked toward lowering taxes, reforming the way City Hall serves the people, responsible development, and acquiring open space for the residents of Hoboken.

A true believer in the American dream, Councilman Bhalla is the first Sikh to hold elected office in New Jersey.

Please feel free to read Councilman Bhalla’s take on the issues facing Hoboken on this website and contact Councilman Bhalla at with any questions or comments.

The Issues


A strong, thriving and high-performing school district is critical to our vision for Hoboken as a place we can call home for the long-term. Great schools have benefits not only for the children and students they serve, but for all…

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One of the most important challenge facing Hoboken in the years to come is bringing our aged infrastructure to the 21st Century.  Our residents deserve to have reliable, reasonably priced transportation options that can also help to reduce traffic and improve our…

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In a square mile City with more families choosing to stay and raise a family, keeping up with the demand for recreation activities is critical. Over the past eight years, I’ve been a strong partner of Mayor Zimmer in her…

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Latest News

My name is Sheri Alimonda. I’ve been a Hoboken resident for the past 13 years and own 7 Fine Arts, an art studio built largely by community effort. This is my first mayoral endorsement letter, and I’m proud to endorse…

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I want to let you know why I’m supporting Councilman Ravi Bhalla for Hoboken Mayor along with his Council team in the election on November 7. My family has been in Hoboken for four generations, and I feel blessed to…

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Hoboken is the country’s fourth most densely populated city, and we have the highest percentage of residents in the United States that rely upon mass transit. Naturally, our residents rely heavily upon a healthy and reliable mass transit infrastructure, and…

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Meet Our Team

Ravi's at-large Council candidates are Councilman Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour

Together, Jim, Emily and John combine proven experience with new ideas and energy.

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  • Another excellent weekend of meet and greets for #TeamBhalla! We enjoyed meeting new friends and chatting with our neighbors, even our young supporters! Thank you to Kristina and Andrew Nash, Monika and Jacob Cross, and Phil Cohen and Rebecca Kramnick for hosting us! #Hoboken
  • #TeamBhalla is out at the Arts and Music Festival! Great feedback on our campaign's positive messaging from residents. Also out spreading the word about Hoboken Proud and our school board slate!

As always, thank you to Geri Fallo and City staff, the Hoboken Police Department, OEM, volunteer ambulance corps, and all the dedicated volunteers for putting on another successful festival.
  • Our new Southwest Park is now open to the public! It has been a long journey, but I'm thrilled this park has become a reality and is now providing much needed open space in Southwest Hoboken.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Mayor Dawn Zimmer for her vision and determination to create this open space for our community. When then Councilwoman Zimmer and I ran for office together eight years ago, creating a park in Southwest Hoboken was a campaign promise that we ran on. Thanks to the collaboration and hard work of many dedicated activists and residents, Hoboken now has a new park, one of nine acres of open space we've acquired or built over the past eight years. 
Although Southwest Hoboken now has its own park, which will benefit residents from across the City, as Mayor I pledge to continue adding to this park by expanding it to include more acreage on Block 10 with a goal of tripling its size. Every neighborhood deserves to have a large park, and the Southwest Park expansion will be a significant part of my administration's plan to increase our open space.
  • I am truly excited to offer my heartfelt endorsement and support for the #HobokenProud team, Sharyn Angley, Melanie Tekirian, and Chetali Khanna (5-6-7) for School Board. As in past years, we are committed to ensuring parents and community leaders like Sharyn, Melanie, and Chetali with a true commitment to our schools are leading our School Board. All three are dedicated parents of children in our public schools and have a track record of active engagement and concrete success in making our school district better. I have no doubt that they will continue to do the same when elected.

For the past several years, my wife Bindya and I have spent countless hours campaigning, making phone calls, handing out literature, wearing campaign T-shirts with our two children, and doing whatever we can in support of Hoboken Proud's contemporaries and predecessors on the School Board as part of a larger movement in town to bring honest, professional government to #Hoboken at all levels. 
We are deeply grateful that the Hoboken Proud team is answering the call to keep our schools moving forward. It's critically important that we continue our progress by re-electing Sharyn, and electing Melanie and Chetali on November 7th. 
Please join Hoboken Proud as they kick off their campaign on Mon, Sep 25 from 6-8 pm at Frankie and Ava's (208 Washington Street). #TeamBhalla will be there to support Hoboken Proud and look forward to seeing you there!
  • Thank you, Sheri for this wonderful endorsement for #TeamBhalla! "My name is Sheri Alimonda. I've been a Hoboken resident for the past 13 years and own 7 Fine Arts, an art studio built largely by community effort. This is my first mayoral endorsement letter, and I'm proud to endorse Ravi Bhalla for Mayor and his council team of Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen for City Council.

When I moved to #Hoboken in 2004 it was with the hopes and dreams of finding a community of thinkers, dreamers: a unique and diverse community to raise my daughters in. As an artist and single mom I wanted my children to be in an inclusive environment where single artist moms were welcomed. 
I moved alone, knowing not a soul-just trusting my instinct to guide me. It was the best move I've ever made, and through the community my daughters and I found a haven of like minded people. It takes a village to raise a child, and Hoboken became our village. 
My business started at my dining room table and is now a unique studio designed and created by our students, friends, and family. Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her team were at both of my grand openings, discussed my business and encouraged me that our studio would benefit the town. I consider this to be the mark of a team that cares for the community and is involved


In the presidential election this past year I voted. That's it. 
I did not make calls. I did not hang signs. I did not fight for the person I believed would win. I expected different results, and each day I awake to read the newest scandal, the newest travesty in our country.

and I'm angry. 
Hoboken is a diverse town, with diverse community. We need someone that will represent our ideals on inclusivity. We need someone that has the strength and fortitude to stand up for what's right.

In respect to our community, I feel it is very important to vote for the person best suited for the job. Ravi clearly is the person to move Hoboken into the future."
  • Did you know that Election Day is 50 days away? I am very proud of the hard work, professionalism, and smarts Team Bhalla has put into our campaign. I am deeply grateful to Mayor Dawn Zimmer for placing her trust in us to continue the work of honest, professional, and good government.

To keep our momentum going, could you consider volunteering ( or making a donation ( of any amount? The grassroots support for Team Bhalla from residents like you has made a tremendous difference so far for our campaign.

During the next 50 days, our team will continue working tirelessly to get our message out all across Hoboken. I’m proud that we've run a positive, issued based campaign with concrete policy proposals in contrast to some of my opponents.

Now is time to make a donation, volunteer to knock on doors, host a meet and greet or write a letter to your neighbors so we can continue our momentum. Let's all look back 51 days from now and know we we gave it our all.
  • Took a break from door knocking earlier with #TeamBhalla at the local 5th Ward block party at 10th and Willow! Always a fun time! #hoboken
  • Great to support local #Hoboken businesses like Christina Andersen Floral Design at the @rummageandruffage Midtown Market! Come visit till 3 pm at the Church of the Holy Innocents (6th/Willow). Proceeds from the market go to repairing the church.
  • Cristin Cricco-Powell, fourth generation #Hoboken resident: "I want to let you know why I'm supporting Councilman Ravi Bhalla for Mayor along with #TeamBhalla in the election on November 7.

My family has been in Hoboken for four generations, and I feel blessed to be raising a fifth generation here in my beloved hometown. I have a daughter in second grade and a son in Pre-K 3 at the Brandt School. I’m a staunch supporter of our schools, as is Councilman Bhalla.

Ravi has consistently supported candidates for Hoboken Board of Education who share our commitment to our public schools and good, honest government. In every election for the past several years Ravi, his wife Bindya, and more recently their children, were out on a street corner, pounding the pavement and campaigning for candidates devoted to keeping our schools moving forward. Ravi has also been a strong advocate for the Hoboken Public Education Foundation (HPEF), and has consistently and steadfastly supported their amazing work for our school district.

As a mom, I'm also impressed by Ravi’s thoughtful policy positions on education. While my son was fortunate enough to enter the popular Pre-K 3 program, I know that for others there's a long waiting list. Ravi’s education plan includes supporting the Early Childhood Education by providing City facilities to help the program expand to meet the growing demand. I’m also pleased that Ravi’s plan calls for more investments by developers into our school system, which is extremely important as our younger population continues to expand.

As a family, Ravi and Bindya are invested in our schools and their success. Ravi's wife, Bindya, was actively involved in the Parent Teacher Organization at the Brandt School, and as a Wallace mom worked with other parents and Superintendent Johnson to help develop the Passport to Learning after school program. My daughter absolutely loves "Passport", and I love that Hoboken now has an enrichment program that offers everything from coding to Mandarin. Ravi and Bindya's children have attended both the charter and public schools, and they understand and appreciate the value of all of our schools in our City.
  • My nephew Nishaan loves wearing his campaign button! Between my brother Amar, our spouses and children, there are nine members of my family who live in Hoboken, five of whom are born and being raised here. Hoboken is our family's home. They give me the strength to carry on through the campaign  and be the best father, husband, uncle (and  Mayor!) I can be. #SkinInTheGame #TeamBhalla #AllAboutHoboken

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