Mayor Ravi Bhalla

Mayor Ravi Bhalla

Ravi Bhalla was elected Mayor of Hoboken in November, 2017 out of a field of six candidates. Mayor Bhalla’s campaign championed issues he fought for as a two term Councilmember, including balanced development, open space initiatives, flood remediation, sensible spending, and other important topics facing the Hoboken community. Mayor Bhalla took office on January 1, 2018.

A true believer in the American dream, Mayor Bhalla is the first Sikh to hold elected office in New Jersey and is the first directly elected Sikh to become Mayor in the United States.

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The Issues


One of my top priorities as Mayor will be to upgrade our infrastructure, fix our water mains, roads, sewers and piers and provide regular maintenance. I will ensure that we are better prepared for the intense storms that are predicted…

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I know firsthand the importance of holding the line on taxes and making fiscally responsible decisions. Before I became a Councilman, residents were all socked with an 80% municipal tax increase as a result of the reckless and irresponsible financial…

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We have the unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents by committing to make Hoboken more sustainable. We need to continue forward-thinking policies and legislation that will make our City greener, benefiting residents for both the short…

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Latest News

On Friday, we reached a major milestone as the City officially reached an agreement with SUEZ for a new water service contract. This new contract will invest an unprecedented $33 million into upgrading our water main infrastructure over the next…

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Every day, I think about how fortunate I am to serve as Mayor of Hoboken. It is a privilege to work on your behalf as we move forward initiatives that make our City an even better place to live. I’m…

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I hope you’re enjoying the start to spring! I’m pleased to share with you a number of positive updates for our community, including progress for our Northwest Park, Union Dry Dock, repaving our roads, and more. Moving forward on Hoboken’s…

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Meet Our Team

Ravi's at-large Council candidates are Councilman Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour

Together, Jim, Emily and John combine proven experience with new ideas and energy.

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  • It was a pleasure to cut the ribbon cut on another small business to our mile square - congratulations to Thomas’ Ice Cream and owner Arvind Bhandari! Hoboken’s newest business at 2nd and Jefferson has some of the freshest 🍨 in the region made in house every day, in addition to 🍕 and already has a loyal local following. Welcome to Hoboken!🍦
  • Great news - we are officially moving forward with the acquisition of a vacant lot to double the size of our Southwest Park! This additional acre of land (Block 10) will provide much needed open space without any compromise or “tradeoff” of added residential density. Not only will the expanded park provide quality of life upgrades, it will also include infrastructure to further address flooding like the current SW Park. I look forward to working with our residents through a public process to design the expanded park.

THANK YOU to former Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the many community members who helped advocate for this successful park expansion!
  • How time flies - #firstdayofschool for Arza (7th grade) and Shabegh (2nd grade)! They were super excited to begin a new school year with their friends and classmates. Bindya and I are so proud of them! Wishing all our Hoboken children a happy and healthy school year!
  • As Mayor, it's my goal to build a stronger and safer Hoboken, to leave our City a better place for our children and future generations. That's why I was proud to sign an executive order today to officially launch our comprehensive #VisionZero safety campaign, with the ambitious goal to eliminate all traffic-related injuries and fatalities by 2030. As one of the most walkable cities in the entire country, we can, and we must do more to make our streets safer. I look forward to working with our community as we make our streets safer for all users and modes of transportation.

And, thank you to my two children, Arza and Shabegh for joining me for the occasion!
  • I know I say it all the time but Hoboken’s strength is in its diversity - it was a privilege to join our Ecuadorian and Indian communities this month to celebrate the Independence Days for India and Ecuador. It’s not just a flag raising - it’s an acknowledgement that we welcome and celebrate all cultures and traditions in Hoboken. 🇮🇳 🇪🇨
  • Grateful to spend some time this week at Camp Chardi Kala ("Chardi Kala" is a Sikh value of a perpetual high & rising state of optimism) with my family. My brother, Amar and I went as kids and hope our children will also grow a similar connection to the gift of a strong Sikh identity!
  • Thank you so much to local resident Zoe Wojnicki for donating her wonderful artwork to display in City Hall! Her “Helping Hearts” project was created to help support Hoboken’s inclusive LGBTQ+ efforts 🏳️‍🌈. Very proud of her message of equality: all of us are loved.

From Zoe: “My project, The Helping Hearts project, is a way of representing Hoboken’s support for the topic of LGBTQ+. I chose to conduct the Helping Hearts as part of my Silver Award for Girl Scouts because I believe that all people, no matter our differences, should be able to live the same, equal lives. I feel as if life is harder for people under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella because of people judging or commenting rude things about them even if it wasn’t intended. This statement is not true for all people, but I know it has definitely affected some. I’m at the age where many of my peers are starting to figure out what their sexual orientation is. They should not be pressured to commit to any gender or sexuality just because that is what someone else wants. Everyone is their own person and they get to decide their own sexual orientation for themselves.

This is why I thought it was important to create something to represent this cause that is beautiful, just like we all are. The helping hearts displayed on my poster were all signed at All Saints Day School’s Diversity Festival and are now displayed on the poster today. It represents our town’s support for LGBTQ+, the people this project affected, and the people who helped to make this project possible. Some of these people I would like to thank are Gerri Fallo, Michelle May, All Saints Day School, Rachel Hartman, all of City Hall, Mayor Bhalla, my Girl Scout troop, and my family. Without them, none of this would have been possible. From here, my hope is to expand this project to other, cities towns, or even countries as a reminder that all of us are loved.”
  • Our Southwest Park and 7th and Jackson park provide much needed open space amenities, along with underground detention systems to withhold rainwater and alleviate localized flooding. The final designs of the parks are pictured next to the construction of the underground flood infrastructure, which demonstrates what you can’t see anymore, but works to store and release rainwater after the storm is over. The resiliency parks, along with the future Northwest Park, all include green infrastructure and underground retention as a part of our comprehensive efforts to reduce flooding.
  • So proud of the children who sold baked goods and postcards this weekend to raise over $400 for organizations that assist asylees, and wrote letters in support of our immigrants at the border. #FamiliesBelongTogether
  • Our new 🐕 park at 2nd and Hudson is now open to the public! The park makes use of previously unused space and is one of the first quality of life projects we began last year. The 🐶 park includes new k9 turf, separate areas for large and small dogs, shade structures, pet waste stations, sound barrier, pet hydration station, and more.

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