As someone who both drives to work and uses public transportation, I recognize the challenges of getting around in our City.  I’ve worked hand in hand with Mayor Zimmer and her administration to take the lead in advocating for progressive transportation options.

On the Council, I enthusiastically voted to approve of important initiatives like Corner Cars, the first on-street and city-wide car sharing program in the United States, and Hudson Bike Share, the bike share program that is widely popular in our City.  I’m thrilled that our Hudson Bike Share program has over 16,000 members and over 250,000 trips taken since the launch in 2015, and will be soon expanding into Cities across Hudson County.

On the Council, I also oversaw the expansion of the Hop shuttle system, the modernization of the parking permit system to the online web portal, and the pay-by phone technology allowing users to pay for time at the meter with a mobile application.

As a father of two young children, I know how important it is for our streets to be safe for all users.  I supported Mayor Zimmer’s complete streets program to make our streets safer, which include projects like widened sidewalks and curb extensions at Hudson Place, LED flashing stop lights at key intersections including Newark Street and 15th Street, cobblestone streets at Newark Street and underneath the 14th Street Viaduct, and others.  In particular, I was the lead sponsor for a protected bike lane/multi-use path on Sinatra Drive, completing the waterfront walkway gap on Sinatra Drive. Additionally, I strongly supported Mayor Zimmer’s Newark Street Safety Improvement Plan, which provides important pedestrian safety upgrades including curb bump outs, higher visibility crosswalks, a stop sign, Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) signs, and more.

On the Council, I helped gain consensus for Hoboken’s final Washington Street Project, which will revitalize our main commercial corridor.  The project includes funding for 15 new traffic signals with pedestrian countdown timers, eliminating the guessing game we all play when crossing Washington Street. It also includes curb extensions, handicapped accessible ramps, loading zones, and a repaved street at the project’s completion.  The project will also replace the 100-year old water main system, and install a microgrid to add energy resiliency.

Traffic is an issue in Southwest Hoboken, and I was a strong supporter of Mayor Zimmer’s Southwest Traffic Improvement Project, which provides pedestrian safety measures while allowing for greater traffic flow. The plan includes three traffic lights to provide for safe passage to the Southwest Park, an additional lane of traffic on Jackson Street and Harrison Street, opening up of Madison Street, two additional traffic lanes on Newark Street under the train tracks, optimizing the traffic light at the light rail train tracks.  As Mayor, I’ll push for Paterson Avenue to be converted to one-way westbound between Monroe Street and Harrison Street, so we can further alleviate traffic in Southwest Hoboken.

My administration will continue to prioritize alternative transportation options, including our bike share and car share. To improve transportation, we’ll modernize and expand the HOP service to better serve residents, including weekend service, so it can be an option for parents and kids, for example, to get to recreation sporting events at 1600 Park, Sinatra Field, Mama Johnson, and other locations. I’ll be conducting a feasibility study for the HOP system, so we can identify other improvements, potentially including more efficient routes, and designated “HopStops” to encourage more ridership.

We will also invest in technology via a mobile application which will allow residents to perform tasks including permit renewals, purchasing of no parking signs, and other City functions to improve quality of service in the Hoboken Parking Utility.  We will revisit regulations on “no parking signs,” ensuring that enough parking is preserved for those with permits, as well as revamping the booting policies.

I will also make sure more affordable garage parking is a priority, which helps alleviate pressure on street parking, including the building of a new multi-level municipal parking garage in Northwest Hoboken, as well as examining whether other municipal parking garages, which often fill to capacity, can accommodate additional height and garage parking spots.