Joe Quintero has been a Hoboken resident for 15 years, after moving here in 2006 to attend Fordham Law School. Over that time Joe has truly experienced and grown to appreciate Hoboken’s unique diversity, having lived in five of the city’s six wards. He is running for city council because while Hoboken has made significant progress in recent years; he feels the city’s true potential has yet to be met.

Originally from North Plainfield, NJ, Joe is the son of Colombian immigrants, as well as a cancer survivor, the first in his family to graduate from college (University of Massachusetts – Amherst) and the first to obtain a graduate degree.

Professionally, Joe’s big break came at age 15 when he was hired as a dish washer at Friendly’s in Green Brook, NJ. Since then he’s been a pizza delivery person, janitor, electrician, salesperson (first shoes, then a dry cleaning service), and software trainer. Over the past 14 years, however, Joe has concentrated in his current field, financial services Compliance – where has held positions at Goldman Sachs and RBC Capital Markets.

Since 2019, Joe has held leadership positions with the Hoboken Democratic Committee, where he currently serves as 3rd vice chair. During his time with the committee, Joe has helped advocate for local issues and candidates and led the committee’s “Swing State Strategy”, where Joe coordinated the efforts of over 30 local volunteers in working with partners in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. All in, their efforts resulted in thousands of phone calls placed and over 5,000 postcards and letters mailed in support of electing President Biden.

Locally, Joe is directly responsible for increasing Hoboken’s population by two. First, after convincing his girlfriend (now wife) to move here from Manhattan 10 years ago, then, after welcoming their daughter in 2016. With respect to local priorities, while policy positions can be nuanced, ultimately Joe’s view boils down to a simple philosophy – Hoboken is a one square mile town with finite space and resources, we have to be willing to work together to devise practical solutions to the challenges we face.

If elected to city council, Joe promises to be guided by the following beliefs:

  • People who live in Hoboken, should be able to afford to stay in Hoboken, grow their families in Hoboken, and thrive in Hoboken. Being “Hoboken Born and Raised”, should not be a thing of the past.
  • If you need a car, you should have safe and reliable parking close to home. If you don’t need a car, you should be able to get around town quickly, safely, and affordably.
  • Hoboken should continue to develop smartly and for the long term. Hoboken should not strive to be “Newport North.” Any future development should be kept within the character of the city, include benefits to existing residents (e.g., open spaces, public amenities, etc.), and help improve local infrastructure (e.g., flood mitigation measures).

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