Commissioner Anthony L. Romano’s endorsement of Team Bhalla:

Dear Friend,

During these unprecedented times in Hoboken and across our country, we need leaders that aren’t afraid to make difficult decisions, doing the right thing for our residents. In Hoboken, Mayor Ravi Bhalla has been that leader for our community, and I’m incredibly proud to support his re-election, along with his entire City Council team: Councilmembers Emily Jabbour, Jim Doyle and first-time candidate Joe Quintero.

Team Bhalla and Commissioner Anthony L. Romano

As your County Commissioner, I’ve worked side by side with Mayor Bhalla and his team throughout the pandemic. He’s gone above and beyond to work with the County to keep our residents safe – from providing COVID-19 testing, a seamless vaccine experience, delivering meals to those who couldn’t leave their apartments, and much more, and for that he has my tremendous respect and admiration.

Mayor Bhalla hasn’t been able to do it alone – he’s blessed to have an incredible team by his side; no one more so than Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour. During the pandemic, Emily and Jim were there to support his efforts – from packaging meals for seniors, delivering them door-to-door, handing out flyers with vaccine and testing information, and much more – Emily and Jim were there for Hoboken when we needed them the most.

And, first-time candidate Joe Quintero will make an excellent addition to the team. As someone who has lived here for 15 years and has a young daughter in the Hoboken Public School District, he cares deeply about his community. I’m glad to hear Joe’s platform focus on affordable housing in Hoboken: from strengthening rent control protections, increasing transparency on the affordable housing options available in Hoboken with the new Division of Housing, adding funding for Hoboken’s tenant advocate, and increasing the percentage of affordable housing requirements in new developments. And, I’m glad to see Joe’s proposal to bring back the Office of Constituent Services, so our seniors and vulnerable populations can once again have a resource to connect to City Hall. Finally, as the bilingual son of Colombian immigrants, I know that Joe will be a strong voice and advocate for our Latino community in Hoboken.

Mayor Bhalla, and his team of Jim Doyle (5-H), Joe Quintero (6-H) and Emily Jabbour (7-H) have my full support, and I respectfully ask you to cast their vote for Team Bhalla in the upcoming election.

Thank you,

Anthony L. Romanno, County Commissioner