Dear Neighbor,

Tomorrow is Election Day in Hoboken, when residents will vote on the proposed referendum for a new Hoboken High School. As you have heard from me previously, I am supportive of this plan which will alleviate overcrowding throughout our school district, build a modern high school that our community can be proud of, and lead to increased property values for everyone.

When I was first presented this plan by the Board of Education in mid-November, I too had some initial surprise at the price tag of the project. But, after weighing the pros and the cons, I came to understand that this is not just about a new high school. It’s a transformative project that will lead to the creation of a new elementary school, a new home for the middle school (the current site of the high school) and will complement the substantial improvements in our public schools over the past decade. Additionally, this project will run parallel to other major projects the City is undertaking to modernize our infrastructure, such as upgrades to our water mains, the Rebuild By Design flood protection project, resiliency parks, and the buildout of a new municipal garage. Taken together, all of these projects will contribute to the future success and sustainability of our beloved community.

If you’re still undecided, I encourage you to read two additional letters of support from Councilmembers Jim Doyle and Joe Quintero, who provide some additional perspectives on the vote. They’re informative reads, and I hope you will give them consideration as you come to your final decision tomorrow. Click here to read Councilman Doyle’s letter, and click here to read Councilman Quintero’s letter.

But, most importantly, no matter where you land with tomorrow’s vote, I ask each and every resident to remember we should all respect each other’s position and advocacy on the issue. Many well-meaning residents have researched the merits of the high school plan and disagree with my me. And that’s okay, because as long as we keep it civil, this is what democracy looks like.

No matter the outcome, after tomorrow’s vote, we owe it to our neighbors, friends and children to bridge any differences we may have on this issue, and keep in mind that we are one community, one Hoboken, and we all want what’s best for our Mile Square.

Thanks for reading, and no matter your opinion, don’t forget to vote tomorrow and make your voice heard! Polls are open from 6 am until 8 pm, and you can find your polling location by clicking here.

All the best,