Dear Neighbors,

Many residents have asked me about my thoughts on the upcoming Hoboken City Council elections. After considering all of the candidates in the race, Im glad to let you know that I am formally endorsing the re-election of Council-members Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle, and the election of Joe Quintero.

Theresa Castellano endorses Councilman Jim Doyle, Joe Quintero and Councilwoman Emily Jabbour

For over 20 years, I viewed serving on the City Council as a way to truly help people with their day-to-day issues. I have seen firsthand how Emily Jabbour is very similar – Emily takes it upon herself to be a one-person constituent services office – always helping any individual with any type of problem, both big and small. Shes assisted hundreds of residents who have reached out to her, connecting them to City Directors, reporting potholes, facilitating help for small businesses, and more, and does so without any fanfare; she just cares about getting the job done. This approach has my admiration and respect.

While Jim Doyle and I havent always agreed on all of the issues, what I appreciate about him is his egoless approach to City problems and work behind the scenes. Not everyone is aware but Jim has worked tirelessly over the past several years to limit overdevelopment in town and help preserve the charm and character of our City. He isnt on social media touting his accomplishments – his whole goal is making Hoboken a better place to live. Im proud that this cycle were working together on behalf of his re-election.

And last, but certainly not least, Joe Quintero is a first-time candidate that is an up and coming star for Hoboken. Like Jim, Joe has no ego or ulterior motives to getting involved in politics. As the son of Colombian immigrants, and the first to graduate from college in his family, Joe will bring a diverse background to the City Council that is very much needed. Joe, who is fluent in Spanish, promises to hold regular open office hours in every part of the City, including the First Ward. I have gotten to know Joe and I’m comfortable to say that he is honest, humble, hardworking and sincere.

I thank you for your consideration, and as always, please dont hesitate to reach out to me should you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you and please dont forget that early voting takes place from October 23 through October 31 at City Hall – you do not need to wait until Election Day to vote this year!


Theresa Castellano

Former First Ward Councilwoman