As you may have heard, last week I shared the news that we negotiated a revised agreement with the downtown hotel developerthat invests almost $5 million in our recreation facilities, schools, and other important causes. This is a big win for Hoboken!

To give a quick recap, the community givebacks we secured from the hotel developer, now valued at $4.85 million, include:

1) Initial $2 million to help establish a new community center at the former YMCA with a public pool, early childhood education classroom space, and an uptown public library branch

2) $1.165 million in infrastructure upgrades in downtown Hoboken

3) $1 million to create a permanent endowment for the non-profit organization, the Hoboken Public Education Foundation

4) $484,000 for endowments for Hoboken’s three charter schools [thank you to KMS (the developer) for agreeing to raise this amount!]

5) $200,000 for Hoboken’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund

I strongly believe this agreement, which my team spent months negotiating, is a major benefit to our residents. But, to make this agreement a reality, the City Council must vote to approve it at the next Council meeting.

That’s why your help is critical – we can’t take any chances on this important vote. We need you show up to ensure that the Councilmembers put politics aside and support these benefits at Wednesday’s council meeting!Unfortunately, if the Council votes no to this agreement, we will lose out on the $4.85 million in funding for our community.

Here are two ways you can play an important role.

1) Show up to the Council meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 pm at City Hall (94 Washington Street) and speak in favor of the agreement! The Councilmembers need to hear directly from residents. Come make your voices heard and ask the Councilmembers to vote YES!

2) Sign this petition to the Hoboken City Council created by members of the HPEF, strongly urging the Councilmembers to vote YES!

Thank you to all of the residents and parents who have already spent hours helping advocate for this deal, and the Library Board, Board of Education, and Hudson County Freeholdersfor passing resolutions of support. It’s important that as many people as possible join us at Wednesday’s meeting so we can ensure the Council votes to support our agreement.


Mayor Ravi Bhalla

P.S. In case you missed it, last week Hoboken was one of only two municipalities in the entire state to be awarded a 100% rating by the Human Rights Campaignfor our inclusive LGBTQ+ policies! The Daily News covered our efforts, click here to read more.