Our names are Sara Demenkoff and Bill Hartnett and we are the proud parents of an 8 year old and a 5 year old who go to school in Hoboken. We can think of no better choices for Hoboken in the upcoming election than Mayor Ravi Bhalla, and his team of Jim Doyle, Joe Quintero and Emily Jabbour.

Bill moved to Hoboken 27 years ago, and I moved here 12 years ago. Hoboken has always been a great place to live and we feel strongly that it has become even better under the leadership of Mayor Bhalla, Councilwoman Jabbour and Councilman Doyle. The Mayor and his team have expanded park space. Replaced thousands of feet of watermains. Saved Union Dry Dock. Brought Citi Bike to Hoboken. Made the HOP free of charge. Created rain gardens and flood resiliency designs in our new parks. And Ravi, Jim and Emily’s leadership and frontline efforts during the pandemic were exemplary.

When considering elected officials and their case for re-election, the choice for us is abundantly clear – they deserve another four years in office.

And while Joe Quintero is a newcomer to the team, he isn’t a newcomer to Hoboken – he’s lived here for 15 years and we have gotten to know him as someone who wants to create an even better place for his 5-year old daughter, Kara, much like we do for our kids. My husband and I are believers that our elected officials should look and represent the ethnic makeup of our communities. Joe, as a bilingual resident, has the ability to connect and represent residents from all parts of Hoboken, and those who speak primarily (or only) Spanish; this is an important quality that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Diversity in government elected officials is a positive thing especially here in Hoboken.

We look forward to casting our votes for Team Bhalla on November 2, and ask that you consider doing so too. We can’t wait for what’s to come under Mayor Bhalla and his team over the next four years. Thank you for reading our letter.


Sara Demenkoff & Bill Hartnett