It has been a long journey to Election Day. From the bottom of our hearts, Jim, Emily, John, and I thank you. We are deeply grateful for your support, your kind words of encouragement, and your active engagement in this campaign.

My Mom and Dad started their own journey in this great country of ours living in a trailer park in the middle of Pennsylvania. They had no money, no family, no friends.

I am acutely aware that the odds were long that their son would get to where I am today, on the eve of Election Day.  But here we are, all of us, you and me, and all our supporters, together.

I know that some of you are still looking for reasons to support me and Team Bhalla. Here are seven.

First and foremost, we have the most clear, concrete, detailed policy platform of any campaign. Our ideas are based on my eight years of experience on the City Council, working with Mayor Zimmer, and are grounded in an honest assessment of what is needed and what is possible. You will not find an empty, unachievable promise from me.

Second, I am running with Mayor Zimmer’s active endorsement. Mayor Zimmer brought professionalism and honesty to City Hall after years of nepotism and corruption. I will keep City Hall on that path.

Third, my City Council slate, the beating heart of Team Bhalla, is composed of accomplished professionals. I chose Jim, Emily, and John carefully, believing that merit and accomplishment matter and knowing that Hoboken would be blessed to have them serve all of us on the City Council.

Fourth, it may not be glamorous, but I want to be known as Hoboken’s infrastructure Mayor. My family walks on the same sidewalks you walk on, we drive on the same streets, and we rely on the same water mains.  I want to bring first class infrastructure to Hoboken.

Fifth, I will hold the line on taxes. In your personal life, you spend only what you have and work to save for a rainy day. I will continue that approach in City Hall.

Sixth, we live in a coastal community and climate change is real. I am committed to continuing on the path that Mayor Zimmer set of tackling flooding and climate change head on rather than wishing it away.

Seven, you know who I am, and the principles for which I will stand. I have never run from who I am and what I believe, and neither should you. I will be the Mayor who will stand with you when you need it.

Together we have an opportunity to prove that merit and hard work — the belief that brought my parents here  — matters above all else.

Jim, Emily, John, and I urge you to get out there, vote tomorrow, and tell your friends to vote for us as well. Together let’s finish strong and win on election day!

Thank you,