People often ask me why my husband and I have chosen to stay in Hoboken and raise our family here.  That question intensified during the darkest days of the pandemic.  The answer thankfully has remained the same:  this is an amazing place to raise a family.  A big part of why Hoboken is a fabulous city for families is because of the work of Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle.  Emily knows this community inside and out, and is always answering a question or lending a hand, working hard for residents every day. Jim has been steadfast in his support of open space, our schools, and our at-risk communities.  Thanks to the hard work of Mayor Bhalla, Emily, Jim, and the City Council, Hoboken has excellent Covid-19 testing and vaccine access.  That access is crucial to keeping our community, and especially our children and our seniors safe.

I was not surprised when I heard that Joe Quintero was joining Team Bhalla to run for Council-at-Large.  I got to know Joe from his work with the Hoboken Democratic Committee during the 2020 Presidential Campaign when he organized swing state postcard and letter writing campaigns.  Joe works tirelessly for what he believes in, and I look forward to his contributions to the City Council.  Please vote for Jim Doyle (5H), Joe Quintero (6H) and Emily Jabbour (7H) for Council At-Large.

Kind regards,

Ailene McGuirk (22 year Hoboken resident)


I’ve been civically active for about 25 years, first as a co-founder and initial board president of the Elysian Charter School of Hoboken, one of New Jersey’s original thirteen charter schools to open in 1997. In the time since, I’ve volunteered in and now serve on the Hoboken Board of Education. Public education and school choice have pretty much been my sole focus — not only for the opportunities they bring to students and their families, but for the important and stabilizing role quality public schools play in our community.

Speaking only as a long-time resident, I know that Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and Joe Quintero share that same commitment to a thriving Hoboken. As we address the important quality-of-life issues facing our town — whether it be development and affordable housing, or parking and open space, infrastructure and flooding or open space — their quiet, intelligent, never-grandstanding approach strikes me as exactly the kind of talent our town needs.

In a crowded field of qualified City Council candidates from which to choose, they are my choice.

Tom Kluepfel


As election day draws near, many have asked whom I would support among the many candidates for the 3 At Large City Council seats this year. My answer is immediate and sure: Jim Doyle (5H), Joe Quintero (6H) and Emily Jabbour (7H).

It would be difficult to find anyone more dedicated to truly serving the public and the city than Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle. During the pandemic, I would always run into Emily and Jim at or on their way to volunteer events: packaging up meals for our senior community or helping out at the pantry, handing out PPE in buildings, or simply being around for whatever was needed. There was no opportunity for fanfare at these events, just a clear drive on their part to be there and do what was needed. On a larger scale, Emily has always been a resource for anyone and everyone about anything Hoboken, but has specifically become the “go to” for the families that call Hoboken home. Emily has worked non-stop to bolster our community and address concerns or issues affecting our children, including by lending her unwavering support to the work done in our schools; showing up for Board of Education meetings so that she can stay informed, and showing up for our students whenever they are honored. Jim’s sense of civic responsibility is clear and strong, but never self-aggrandizing. His support of our schools, fight for our open spaces and care for the community at large, are evident in his actions, every day.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Joe and have found that he has the same strong sense of service and purpose that his running mates have proven they possess, year over year. Joe is also raising a family here in Hoboken and understands how supporting the work done in our schools is a cornerstone to a thriving city and to our collective future. Because they truly know what public service means, please join me in voting for Jim Doyle (5H), Joe Quintero (6H) and Emily Jabbour (7H).

Malani Cademartori