My name is Chetali Khanna, and this Election Day, my vote will go to Councilman Jim Doyle, Councilwoman Emily Jabbour, and first-time candidate Joe Quintero for City Council.

I am a proud, long time Hoboken resident and am committed to raising my family in town. With the leadership of Councilman Doyle and Councilwoman Jabbour, Hoboken has become an even better place to live and raise a family. As a mom, there’s nothing more important than keeping my kids safe. I have been very impressed with the progress of the Vision Zero pedestrian safety program that has added curb extensions, raised intersections and more throughout our city. Both Councilman Doyle and Councilwoman Jabbour have been instrumental in this program. In addition, Councilpersons Jabbour and Doyle have taken real steps to build out park space such as the 7th and Jackson Street Park, the Northwest Park which is underway and future sites at 800 Monroe and the Southwest Park. These open areas provide Hoboken residents beautiful outdoor recreation and relaxation spaces.

Chetali Khanna and Team Bhalla

Councilwoman Jabbour, a close friend of mine, is a true public servant, a strong, compassionate woman, continuously giving her time and dedication to everyone in our community. Anytime you have a question, issue, or concern, she is there for you, already researching, responding, and resolving. Both Councilpersons Doyle and Jabbour, get things done rather than just talk the talk.

I have also come to know Joe Quintero, and I couldn’t think of a better choice to join Team Bhalla. As an Indian American woman and an elected Board of Education Trustee, myself, I recognize how important having diversity in elected government is. As the son of Colombian immigrants and as someone who is fluent in Spanish, Joe can lend another critical voice to our local government. And, Joe knows first-hand the value our public school district plays for countless children in our community – Joe himself is a proud product of public schools and he and his wife, Kim, are the proud parents of a Kindergartener at Wallace Elementary School.

I’m thrilled to support Councilman Jim Doyle, Councilwoman Emily Jabbour, and first-time candidate Joe Quintero this election cycle, and I hope you’ll join me in voting for them, as well as the Hoboken School Board slate of Ailene McGuirk, Tom Kluepfel, and Malani Cademartori (2-3-4).


Chetali Khanna