Mayor Dawn Zimmer:

“As you probably have heard, I am not running for re-election. After eight rewarding years as Hoboken’s Mayor, it was time to serve my community in another way. We have accomplished an enormous amount, and I am proud to support Councilman Ravi Bhalla to be our next Mayor.

I know all of the candidates for Mayor quite well. Ravi is by far the best choice to lead our City. He has the expertise, the temperament and the commitment to make sure Hoboken has an even brighter future.

Back in 2009, we were headed in the wrong direction. Our newly elected Mayor, Peter Cammarano, was arrested for taking a bribe, following on the heels of former Mayor Russo who had been convicted of taking bribes just a few years before. Hoboken had a near junk bond rating and the state had taken over our finances due to mismanagement. Our City owned hospital was teetering toward bankruptcy.

Ravi was my partner from the beginning as we turned our City around. Among other accomplishments, we now have stable taxes, a strong rainy day fund, a healthy privately-owned hospital and a AA plus bond rating. I am extremely proud of our achievements working together, but there is still much work to be done.

First and foremost is Rebuild by Design. This $230 million federally funded project will protect our City from future Sandy-like storms. Ravi understands the very real risks coastal cities like Hoboken face from rising sea levels and violent storms. I trust Ravi to get this project done.

Nine acres of “resiliency parks” are planned to provide millions of gallons of storm water detention as well as much needed fields, playgrounds, open space, and a one-acre parking garage. I trust Ravi to get this project done.

Our water mains are being upgraded to put an end to the damaging breaks that plague our city. I trust Ravi to get this project done.

There is enormous pressure from the development community to overdevelop our City. Ravi, an experienced attorney, has the expertise and toughness needed to make sure Hoboken’s character is preserved and our infrastructure limitations are addressed. I trust Ravi to use all available tools to continue to ensure that Hoboken residents, not the developers, get the best deal possible.

Hard decisions need to be made every year to maintain fiscal responsibility. Ravi was my partner back in 2009 when the toughest decisions, like re-organizing our top-heavy police and fire departments, were made. I trust Ravi to make tough fiscally responsible decisions year after year.

Throughout it all, Ravi has been my partner, standing strong against those who put self interest or politics ahead of the needs of our City.  I know Ravi will always put the people of Hoboken first, and speak out strongly for justice when the rights of any residents of our diverse community are threatened.

It will be a difficult moment for me on December 31 when I leave the job I’ve been so proud to serve in for the last eight years.

But I know that with Ravi, and his City Council team of Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen, the City will be in strong capable hands and that our best days are yet to come.”

-Mayor Dawn Zimmer