Councilman Jim Doyle:

“I have served with both Ravi and Michael DeFusco on the City Council. Since many have asked, I would like to share how they are different, and why I firmly believe that Ravi is the best choice for Mayor of Hoboken. 

First, Michael has vastly less experience. He has served on the City Council for less than two years. Ravi on the other hand, has served on the City Council for 8 years, two of them as City Council President. He is ready to be Mayor on Day One.

During Ravi’s eight years, he served twice as the City Council President and worked hand in hand with Mayor Zimmer to first lower and then keep municipal taxes stable, to secure the $230 million Rebuild by Design grant that will protect Hoboken from future flooding, and to help save the City’s hospital, over 1,000 jobs, and to avoid a $52 million bond default by the City. These are all complex, City-wide issues that Ravi faced. 

In Mike’s less than two years on the council, he has gained no such experience. He began his mayoral campaign after just one year on the City Council. If you read his literature, you will see very few accomplishments; he has, however, floated lofty ideas without demonstrating a full understanding of how to finance them or turn them into reality.

Second, and perhaps a more concrete example (pun intended), is that Michael has consistently voted both on the City Council and before that on the Zoning Board for development that is out of scale with the charm and character of the Hoboken many love.  During his years on the Zoning Board, developers could count on an affirmative vote from him for variances in use, height, and density. On the council, he joined Jen Giattino in voting for a 29 story hotel on the Hoboken waterfront that would be the second largest building in Hoboken. Ravi and I were the only City Council members who voted against that out-of-scale project because, while we are fine with an appropriately scaled hotel there, we do not want Hoboken to become another Newport City. The voting records, not the rhetoric, make clear that Hoboken has a real choice on the issue of future development.

Third, Michael does not have the temperament to be Mayor. Michael has spent his time on the City Council dais constantly attacking his Council colleagues and burning bridges. He claims that he has a “demonstrated ability to bridge political divides and get things done”, but there is no evidence to support that statement. In fact, as someone who serves with him on subcommittees, I have not found him to be effective or collegial.  But you don’t have to believe me. As a Mayoral candidate, more than any other candidate, Michael has unprofessionally maligned his opponents throughout his campaign.  In contrast, Ravi remains calm under pressure, and he works professionally and diligently with everyone.

I hope this information, born of experience, helps you as you make your choice on Election Day.”