I write to provide you an update on the community response to the troubling hate incident involving the proprietor of the Vape Van.

I am happy to report that over 250 residents, schools and businesses have requested “We Welcome Everybody” decals. I have been able to mail a decal to each person or business who has requested one. I am not surprised that our community is coming together to reaffirm its values.  If you would like me to send you a free decal, please email me at councilmanbhalla@gmail.com.

I am also pleased to report that this past Wednesday the city came to an agreement with the Vape Van’s proprietor to help him become a better business owner and a better citizen. He has agreed to take a minimum of 10 anger management and diversity classes immediately. He has also voluntarily agreed not to operate his business for approximately one month or until the completion of his anger management and diversity training.  Thereafter, he may operate his business and source of his livelihood. I view this resolution as a positive means of addressing this matter that moves towards making both our community and the individuals involved better.

I hope we can all keep working together to continue Hoboken’s growth as a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community.